CrowdSourced Adventure
A quick confession... Though a release WAS attempted in Aug. 2020, it clearly had game-breaking glitches which derailed the launch.

The fact that the game wasn't working correctly past a certain point ruined it for most,
and the botched launch was worsened by abject lack of interest from the public in general, a lack of interest that was fairly understandable.

That stated, a relaunch is planned some time between November 2022 and February 2023, which I hope will work out better than the first attempt.

The concept - an open-ended, steadily growing HTML5 / WebGL adventure game influenced by public input - remains promising, but it only works if I keep focused on it and if you (the gaming public) do too.

This thing is supported primarily by a combination of:

#1) Votes. Polls will determine a lot of the direction this goes in, and what is, in a general sense, going to be added next.

#2) Ads. The site and game embedded in it are entirely funded via banner ads along the bottom of each page. So the more visitors are here playing, the more the project will will expand over time.

#3) Sheer low-paid effort on my part. Every dollar in revenue generated funds a 15-minute shift of my work on this project, plus a 50-cent donation to a worthwhile cause. So in effect I'm working on this at a rate of $2/hr in general. And if it goes well it could (possibly) change the world a bit for the better.

If curious about other projects I'm developing, here are some of the prominent ones:
Miniature Minigolf   ----   Astounding Worlds   ----   Miniature Multiverse

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More news will emerge between now and relaunch. I apologize for all my missteps lately. I hope things go far better the second time.