Click a world button [below] to jump directly to playing a world of your choice. 

Worlds will be added and connected over time but right now the site's brand new and only one is available:

Q) How efficiently can you make new areas? Who are you exactly?

A) I'm Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, I'm in Pennsylvania, and you can email me at, I'm a capable 3d and texture artist, but disabled and generally long-term unemployed. That said, I am smart if weird, I do work hard, and I am serious about this. It's a very low pay rate in general but it may make an impact on the world and the gaming landscape if it takes off plus give me a bit of extra cash per month, all of which adds up to make it worth it to me.

How many new areas are made depends on rate at which Ko-Fi backers show up, which is to say... unkown.

What I can say is that if they flood in, there's zero reason I couldn't create a large world pretty much every week, or several smaller ones instead. The initial demo world seen here as the starting point, was made with under 32 hours' effort. Indeed, most of the cause for the delay in a real launch, between the initial mention on Ko-Fi and this site a week later was related to acquiring/directing the domain, setting up the website, and other up-front setup. The initial world itself? Done in under five days.

I can have a total game space totaling a square mile or more in total combined explorable area, by the end of 2020 if things ramp up really crazy fast. I won't say the quality will be flawless but it'll generally be pretty good, I hope. Think about that - for a crowdsourced, crowdfunded few hundred dollars, much of it going to others beyond me, it'd result in a freely, publicly available mix of interesting artful gameworlds, which if all combined, could have the sheer mass of explorable area of NYC's Central Park added every 4-5 months. And you get other stuff included with your support AND your ideas will be put into the worlds, potentially, and... If you back repeatedly I may notice and be amenable to larger-scale requests, as in an entire world dedicated to you and based on your world ideas.

And I'm really excited about all of that.

But I do have many other projects so that's why I'm placing an upper limit to hours spent on this one. 

Next queued focus areas, adventure game support spending:

-The Myst Documentary Kickstarter, by Phillip Shane, about the Myst series, and its place in gaming history and the adventure genre.
-Syberia 3, PC purchase
-The Longest Journey, Grim Fandango purchases, the iPad ports of these classic games as a show of support for the genre's classics.
-Uru [Myst Online] fund.
-A few indie adventure titles, TBD, on Steam and other platforms.

Next queued charities:

-Against Malaria Foundation
-KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program)
-World Wildlife Fund
-The Nature Conservancy